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Titan Supply Company is the go-to solution for all your tactical flashlight needs. We specialize in selling a broad range of flashlights. One of our primary missions is to make our customers happy.
It’s why we deliver only the best products to our clients.
Do you need an affordable yet feature-rich flashlight in your hands? You’ve found your partner. Our flashlights come with jaw-dropping brightness for lighting your path in all weather conditions.

Our Skills


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If you’re considering us, here are a couple of things to keep in mind. That will help you make the right decision.

  • Quality – Quality is our number one priority. We use only the best materials and high-quality batteries in our flashlights. Our flashlights will serve you for years to come.
  • Brightness – Unlike other brands’ low brightness flashlights, we’ve designed ones that can illuminate your surroundings with up to 12K lumens. That’s one of the brightest tactical flashlights in the market today.
  • Affordability – When you look at our feature set, you’d expect us to charge insanely for it. However, we price our flashlights with our customers in mind. All of the flashlights in our offer are affordable.
  • Practicality – Our tactical flashlights pack a significant number of convenient features. You can adjust your brightness level easily. Furthermore, our flashlights support charging.Another essential feature is that you can use it to charge other electronics, such as smartphones.
  • Reliability – We take a lot of pride in the reliability of products. We use aircraft-grade aluminum alongside other premium materials. We weather seal them so that you can use them in all circumstances. Is it raining outside? That won’t stop you from turning on our flashlight.

With all that in mind, it’s clear why we are the winners in the tactical flashlight market. Our premium products speak volumes about our dedication. But there’s more.

What Makes Us Special

There’s an essential element that differentiates us from our competition. We deeply understand what our customers’ needs are.As a family-owned business with a military and law enforcement background, we’ve taken our experience and used it to our advantage to deliver premium flashlights. It’s why they’re so handy and easy to carry.
While other companies spend hours designing and making all sorts of equipment pieces, we are focused on a single product.

That gives us the edge on the market, as we have enough time to focus on all the fine details. The result? Our flashlights are feature-rich, easy to carry and use, and best of all- they are affordable!