There’s an essential element that differentiates us from our competition. We deeply understand what our customers’ needs are. As a family-owned business with a military and law enforcement background, we’ve taken our experience and used it to our advantage to deliver premium flashlights. It’s why they’re so handy and easy to carry. While other companies spend hours designing and making all sorts of equipment pieces, we are focused on a single product. That gives us
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When your life is on line you need tools and equipment that ensure your safety and wellbeing. The high-intensity, durable tactical flashlights are the most reliable partner of any hunter, hiker, or law enforcement officers. Besides lighting up the dark pathways a tactical life serves as the best self-defense tool in the face of perils and dangers. Therefore finding a superior quality, extremely durable, and reliable tactical flashlight is important. Our in-depth study of the
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Tactical flashlights may sound like the average, basic flashlights to an individual who is not familiar with the terminology, but these tactical flashlights are far superior in features compared to basic flashlights. A technical flashlight is specifically designed while keeping in mind an individual’s self-defense and flight or fight mechanism in mind. Tactical flashlights in general are lightweight, portable, strong, and have a laser-sharp and strong beam that can also help momentarily blind an attacker
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fenix pd36r rechargeable flashlight
Looking for a quality, bright, LED, and rechargeable tactical flashlight?  The Fenix PD36R tactical flashlight is a great choice.  It is one of the best and brightest tactical rechargeable LED flashlights for 2020 and 2021.  This tactical flashlight features a tail switch for momentary on/off operation, as well as the ability to cycle through 6 different lighting modes. Don’t let the small 3 oz. size and weight fool you, this light is a powerhouse.  The
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portable work light
We tested several of the best work lights currently on the market.  These include the Craftsman 9000-lumen led portable work light and Dewalt portable work light.  The NEBO Omni 2K work light is the best rechargeable LED work light on the market.  A great portable light for home, it is also a powerful LED work light that is battery powered. The NEBO Omni 2k Work Light is a portable work light with stand.  It features
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